Evaluate Genability Switch™

Solar Savings API demonstrated in 4 free steps

Is Switch right for you? Here’s how we recommend you find out:

Step 1 : Review this site

Approx time : 10 minutes

Switch calculates solar and storage utility savings via API. If you want to do this for marketing or sales, review our Prospects page. And if you want to do it for existing customer historical savings, review our Customers page.

Step 2 : Watch this Dash Demo video

Approx time : 10 minutes

Watch this Dash video.

Then review our API documentation for exactly how we do it.

Step 3: Attend a free Switch Webinar

Approx time : 45 minutes

Sign up for a free Switch webinar here. We host them about once a month. This is the best and more efficient way to quickly get into the details of how exactly the APIs work, and what the product really does for you. You’ll have an opportunity to ask questions of our product experts.

Step 4 : Free Trial of Genability Switch

Approx time : 14 days

Great! It looks like Genability Switch could help you succeed. Time to reach out to our sales team to ask for a free trial to Switch, and any remaining questions you might have.

You can start the ball rolling on your Free Trial by signing up here. When you do this you automatically get a 14-day free trial of our Signal API product. This trial does not automatically include Switch, but Signal is also an API product that sits on top of the same tariff rate database and allows you to immediately see what tariff data we have.

When we receive your Switch Free Trial request, we will add that on for you, and at which point you’ll be able to make Switch API calls, and to log into the Switch Dash website.