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We start with a generous allocation of proposals, leads and customer analyses for a fixed price. All Switch customers have enterprise service levels and premium support baked in.

Volume Discounts

As you need more analyses, our pay-as-you-go overage fees give you flexibility and control. And when you commit in advance the pricing is lower.

Commit More, Save More

For companies with the largest volumes, our custom contracts provide the greatest savings and additional benefits. Talk to sale about your exact needs.


Starts at


Which includes the following activity

Proposals (Site Specific)
  • 7,500 annually
  • Additional are $1.50* each
Leads (Quick Analysis)
  • 75,000 annually
  • Additional are $0.15* each
Customer Historicals
  • 500 customers, 12 months
  • Additional months $0.10* each
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* When committing in advance

5% discount when paying annualy

High Volume

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  • Solar Software Vendor?
  • More than 2,500 Proposals per month
  • High Volume marketer, financier?
  • Have a specialized need?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our Switch product is designed for large solar and other new energy providers and enables them to calculate a potential customer's costs and savings when going solar (or behind the meter storage etc). We also help calculate actual savings once the customer has installed solar (or purchased a battery etc). Switch is an API centric product that is specifically aimed at companies that have or are building their own marketing, sales, and customer support software, whether that be with an internal software engineering team, or with an outsourced software development firm.
Our customers include most of the top 20 solar providers, including:
  • Sunrun
  • Sunpower
  • Vivint Solar
  • Sunnova
  • Dividend Solar

Since its launch in 2014, Switch has calculated utility savings for more than 7 million solar proposals in the US.

A “Quick Analysis” is an estimate of utility savings with solar that uses typical electricity usage and typical solar production. Its suitable for marketing purposes, such as lead generation websites, market intelligence reports, direct mail flyers and zero-bill estimates. If you have a utility bill, and/or a site specific solar system configuration, you’ll need a Site Specific Analysis.
A “SIte Specific Analysis” is an analysis of utility cost savings for a specific customer where the analysis utilizes one or more utility bills for the customer, or meter data specific to the customer. It also analyzes different solar model configurations, including sizing and shading etc, that are specific to the site.
When you have an actual solar customer, and you want to understand what they are actually saving each month because they bought solar from you, then Customer Historicals is what you need. Genability will calculate what their utility bill is each month, as well as what they utility bill would have been if they had not gone solar. With that you’ll know what they actually saved. Given how hard it is to get revenue grade meter data from the utility, our Customer Historials can also estimate actual historical savings from past bills etc.
Switch is an API product. It is specifically designed for software developers to integrate into in-house and custom made software. If you have, or are planning to build, custom marketing, design and sales, or customer service software, your development team can embed the power of Switch in your tools.
Our enterprise license starts with an annual allocation of Quick Analyses, Site Specific Analyses and Customer Historicals. It's not a problem if you use more. There is an “overage” fee baked in that allows you to just pay for what you use above and beyond this. We give additional discounts to customers that pre-arrange for additional volumes, so it pays to know where you are and what you might need extra. Signing up ahead of time will save you more money. Its easy to adjust. Just let us know before the month starts.
We understand. Solar and storage is a worthy but challenging business to be in. Switch requires software development, and a platform to integrate into, which means a certain level of volume for it to make sense. If you aren’t quite there yet, then we recommend a number of our customers that proved software solutions specifically for companies like you. And they have Genability built right in. No coding needed. These include:
Great! We are excited to help you get more solar and batteries in homes. There are a flew next steps we recommend
  1. Attend our next free Switch webinar
  2. Sign up for a free trial of Signal, then drop us a line to add on a trial of Switch
  3. Get started with our API documentation. Begin at the Quick Start, then move on to the Forecasted Savings tutorial

And if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to sales, letting us know a bit about your company and how we can help.

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