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Solar utility bill savings forecasts for marketing and selling

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Features & Benefits

Marketing Bullhorn

Quick quotes based on typical usage to drive your interactive marketing

Sales Quotes
Sales Quotes

Site specific utility costs and savings for winning proposals

Solar panel
Solar & Storage

Use your existing modeling tools, we’ll calculate the savings

Utility Savings
Utility Savings

Frst year and lifetime utility avoided costs in milliseconds

Electricity Bill
1-Bill Intelligence

Estimate a years electricity with limited bill data

Accuracy Target

Net Metering, TOU, up-to-date rates and all the details you need

How it works



Know what customers pay for power today. Electricity usage and cost baselines for every opportunity. Start with an Address only - Ideal for lead generation and customers with no usage history. Refine with Utility Bill(s). Use one or more bills to baseline electricity consumption.



You design the system, Switch Solar handles savings. As you design and make changes, Switch Solar provides instant savings feedback. Iterate through multiple design and price configurations and find the right offer. Compatible with all modeling software including PV Watts 5, PVSyst, Helioscope or your in-house tool. Works with any pricing including loans, leases, and cash purchases. See customer tariff switching options to optimize savings.



Make the best offers. Switch Solar enhances your existing proposal with savings forecasts independently validated by Switch Solar. We provide a rich dataset so you can display compelling savings. Use Switch numbers to improve the savings you display.

Step By Step Forecast Savings API Tutorial


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